Acorn Ridge

Imagine the timeless views of the rolling hills and meadows surrounded by open skies, wild flowers and ageing trees, the sound of birdsong and wildlife adding to the feeling of tranquillity and respect.

Set within the heart of the Berkshire countryside, just five miles South West of Newbury and above the river Enborne, this peaceful spot has been set aside as a natural burial ground for those who wish to be interred with dignity in a setting of endless beauty.

There are no gravestones, only small Portland stone markers set in the ground which may be inscribed with a name and dates. Native trees and shrubs are planted, and flowers add a natural splash of colour throughout the seasons.

The design and management of the site has been carefully considered to provide a sustainable habitat for local wildlife. Protection and enhancement of the existing environment is of paramount importance.

Our last wishes should be carefully considered. Acorn Ridge provides a perfect choice for anyone looking for a final resting place.